"exT1D's goal is to inspire and help every person with Type 1 Diabetes participate in regular physical activity, exercise and sport with confidence."
It delivers a convenient educational resource for people with Type 1, their families and diabetes health care professionals.
The e-coach combines smart instructional design with a range of multi-media to produce a rich learning experience you won't find elsewhere.

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Welcome to exT1D

Allan Bolton

Welcome, I've successfully combined the science and art of exercising with type 1 diabetes for over 30 years I created this website to share that knowledge JOIN UP... I guarantee you won't regret it! Click the video image to watch Coach Bolton's intro video ->>>

ALLAN BOLTON B.H.M.S. (Hons) ESSAM AEP ASP GradCertDiabEd.  With hundreds of alpine, water and road-based endurance events under his belt, it's fair to say that Allan has taken type 1 diabetes for some seriously hard 'science to practice' test drives. This experience has given him great insight into functional diabetes management both during exercise, sport and day-to-day living. Meet the Coach...

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